Project Management

Project management is the act of starting, planning, arranging, executing, controlling, and shutting the work by a group to accomplish explicit objectives and meet explicit achievement criteria at the predetermined time.

Project Management Courses

Primavera training is focused for people who need to utilize the Primavera programming for successful implementation of project.

This course is typically used by those seeking to fill in as Project Managers, Event Organizers, Project Planners, Consultants and Financial Project Analysts.


Microsoft Project is the world's most mainstream Project management program created and sold by Microsoft.

The application is intended to help project administrators in creating plans, doling out assets to undertakings, following advancement, overseeing spending plans and dissecting remaining tasks at hand.

Asset definitions (individuals, hardware and materials) can be shared between projects utilizing a mutual asset pool.

Every asset can have its very own date-book which characterizes what days and movements an asset is accessible.


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